Hello there peeps 😀 How y’all doing. I hope everyone is having a great day and week! Today I’ll share with you another little gem that you’ll surely enjoy. It’s a video about what’s like owning a Ramen Restaurant in Japan. Ramen is greatly loved and cherished by the whole Japanese nation. Even though it’s … Continue reading RAMEN!


Hi guys!     Today I’ll share this short hidden gem that I’ve found that looks into the Japanese long tradition in eel preparation but In a way that a family has done it for 6 generations! Having their own restaurant for that long of a time, that stood the test of time means only … Continue reading EEL EEL EEL! ^^


Hello everyone!   First of all we’ll explore something that we all hold dear to our hearts and love and that is…. SUSHI! For a whole week we’ll post all kinds of tasty and delicious videos and recipes from the Japanese culture that will make you fall in love within food like you’ve never had … Continue reading SUSHI SUSHI SUSHI!